These were my mother's boots in the 80's. She said I could have them after I unearthed them from one of the bags of old clothes and shoes in the basement and couldn't stop gushing about them. They are made in Italy and have a stacked heel; the brand is Mignani. I had never heard of it but after researching it online I'm pretty sure the brand is now Alberto D. Molina. There are no major signs of wear and tear, they just needs some cleaning and polishing. Anyway I think they are great and I can't wait to wear these!!

vintage Mignani boots (front)
The color is so gorgeous and so is the quality of the leather.

vintage Mignani boots (back)
I am absolutely in love with how they look from the back.


Chloé and Alexander Wang SS2010RTW

photos from: style.com

Alexander Wang's collection was sportswear with a slightly sexy, feminine touch. Boots were paired with knee length socks and hair was swept into big side braids.

- - - - - - - - - -

I used my favorite looks from each collection as inspiration for this outfit.
my take on Alexander Wang and Chloe
I'm wearing: vintage mohair cardigan, H&M top, Abercrombie trousers, thrifted belt, boots from Target, and bag from UO


inspiration board .1

I was supposed to be asleep at 11:00pm ... it's 12:39pm.
yikes, goodnight!


dress shopping ++++

sadly not for me. my little sister is going to twirp, a last minute decision of course, procrastination runs in the family! we didn't find anything but we are going again on Friday. fingers crossed for something good...
dress shopping outfit 2
dress shopping outfit 1
I'm wearing: mom's waffle long john shirt, Top Shop bow pants, unknown shoes, necklace from H&M, bracelet from Forever21
(new haircut too!! I realize you can't really tell...)


a dozen roses
some very beautiful roses that arrived on my doorstep on Valentine's Day


my first real thrifting experience was a success!

I have to take in this nighty to fit me properly but the detail is so worn in and cute, I love the contrasting pink and red and the green and teal.

purple belt
I was a little apprehensive about this belt because I'm not sure I have anything to go with it but it was fifty cents so what the heck! Plus the shape is really unique

dark brown belt
I loved the color of this tie belt, such a dark brown that it's difficult to differentiate whether it's actually brown or black. like my eye and hair color :)

brown belt
I've been looking for a brown belt and this was exactly what I had in mind!! It's a little big (okay actually it's a large) but I finally figured out a cute way to tuck in up and under (I'll be sure to post a picture)

nautical scarf
I LOVE THIS NAUTICAL SCARF. my favorite find of the day.


vanity modeling troupe fashion rewind

I was a photog assistant for a student fashion show. Photographers have a harder job than I thought...photog assistant
vintage headband, mom's pearl earrings, NARS lipstick in Jungle Red, blazer from Urban Outfitters, romper from Forever21, tights from Top Shop, and Marc Jacobs studded kitten heels


Rest in Peace, Alexander McQueen

(Alexander) Lee McQueen's death will forever leave a sense of loss looming over the fashion world. He was a celebrated fashion icon with an unparalleled aesthetic that constantly commanded attention. His exquisite tailoring and eye for juxtaposition constantly renewed the British fashion scene to what it had been season after season.


college fashionistah!

I am now an official member, or 'Style Guru,' of
CollegeFashionista.com. Below is an excerpt taken from the site which answers the question, What is College Fashionista?
CollegeFashionista.com is a fashion social networking site for those who are passionate about the latest styles and trends on college campuses. This Web site allows students to view what their peers are wearing around campus and gain valuable insight and tips for their own wardrobe.

Each day follows a different format and topic on which the Gurus will be writing about. Monday is style advice- a new tip to incorporate into your wardrobe to start off your week with style. Tuesday and Thursday the Gurus will be posting corresponding pictures and trends they saw being carried out by Fashionistas on their respective campuses. Wednesday is all about fashion news happening in the industry that effect the college student. And, just in time for the weekend, Friday offers up a weekend forecast on what to wear to events happening across campus.

My posts will appear every Thursday, starting next week, so definitely check it out!



today was a very successful shoe shopping day! THREE pairs, THREE! I wish I could post some pictures but I left my camera at KT's place. I did find one picture on harparsbazaar.com of the Michael Kors flats I got (except mine are in a nude color, not yellow).
I also got BCBG open toe cheetah heels and a pair of AK patent & suede heeled oxfords

it's just too bad that I can't wear any of them anytime soon...

leave now.


opinions are like @&$#*!^% everyone has one and they all stink!

Recently I came across this article about the growing rivalry between bloggers and fashion writers. I think they have it completely wrong. Bloggers have helped shape the fashion industry into what it is today. Even more importantly, it has given people insight and some sort of participation into a world which they thought was unattainable.
This all started after editor Paula Reed from Grazia magazine had had to sit behind 13-year-old blogging sensation Tavi Gevinson and her sizable pink bow hat at the Christian Dior Haute Couture Show in Paris.
Personally it sounds that they are simply threatened. And rightfully so, fashion bloggers are a force to be reckoned with.