college fashionistah!

I am now an official member, or 'Style Guru,' of
CollegeFashionista.com. Below is an excerpt taken from the site which answers the question, What is College Fashionista?
CollegeFashionista.com is a fashion social networking site for those who are passionate about the latest styles and trends on college campuses. This Web site allows students to view what their peers are wearing around campus and gain valuable insight and tips for their own wardrobe.

Each day follows a different format and topic on which the Gurus will be writing about. Monday is style advice- a new tip to incorporate into your wardrobe to start off your week with style. Tuesday and Thursday the Gurus will be posting corresponding pictures and trends they saw being carried out by Fashionistas on their respective campuses. Wednesday is all about fashion news happening in the industry that effect the college student. And, just in time for the weekend, Friday offers up a weekend forecast on what to wear to events happening across campus.

My posts will appear every Thursday, starting next week, so definitely check it out!

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