September in review

white dress
white eyelet dress from Urban Outfitters, vintage moccasins

unattended children
a funny sign at New York Deli

The beginnings of a WONDERFUL vegetable side dish. I love zucchini! I'll post the recipe soon.


frozen yogurt
frozen yogurt with strawberries, kiwi and mango. (shhh...I like Berry Chill better...add yogurt chips, peanut butter covered pretzels and granola...DELICIOUS!!!)

Happy Birthday Mari
Happy 21st Birthday Mari!!

Well, this sucks.
Can anyone recommend a better photo-hosting website?
Please and thank you!




Nina and I took a pre-Glee (the Britney episode was SO good!) jaunt to her Water Tower campus...


free sweet

...for some free sweets!


I'm wearing an Ella Moss crochet dress, sheer H&M tank and Betsey Johnson tights.

Of course this is the first time I get to wear this dress and fall is already well on it's way. It reminds me of the knitted crochet Topshop dress that the blogosphere and others including Kate Bosworth fell in love with this summer.

vintage boots

Browning hunting socks and vintage boots


fall ramblings

It's the end of September. First of all, does anyone want to tell me how that happened?? Am I the only one who's wondering where this whole month went?
I'm sitting here, have been for almost an hour now, racking my brain for what I did this past month.
1. Class - Maybe because I'm stuck at a school that I absolutely DISLIKE (dislike? yes. 'hate' seemed too strong a word) but it seems that during the dronings of my "professors" or as I like to call them very-qualified-individuals-in-their-field-but-seriously-lacking-in-giving-proper-instruction-and-the-mere-skills-required-to-educate I find myself day dreaming about graduating so I can get out of here (HELLO L.A./Milan/NYC) and do something that I actually enjoy.
2. Work - Which I guess now would be 'worked.' UGHHHH long story. (Is anything in my life ever NOT complicated?)
3. NOTHING - Which I realize is up to me to change. You must be the change you want to see in the world blah blah blah...thanks Ghandi!
(honorable mentions: realizing my love for parentheses (see this post), banana-toffee ice cream (or maybe just ice cream in general) and how scatterbrained I actually am)

I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters button up, H&M men's striped shirt, BCBG "Mason" skinny khaki pants, and Browning hunting socks.

Michael Kors boots
boots by Michael Kors, Dr Martens' laces

I had to lighten the mood somehow :)


step 1, 2, 3

step 1: gather chocolate, popcorn, cookies, etc
step 2: go to wmagazine.com/video
step 3: watch all the videos

w magazine

at least that's what I've been doing with all my free time. weird? I think not!

NYFW was AMAZING but long gone.
London Fashion week just wrapped. Which was just as amazing and beautiful.
And now...finally...my personal favorite...MILAN FASHION WEEK!!!

what collection/looks were your favorite?


I like blurry pictures anyway

With school starting (how am I already a junior in college?!?!), moving, finding a job, keeping up with Fashion Week via tweets and the spring collections via online videos (thank you wmagazine.com!) tonight was the first night off I've had in the last two weeks. I celebrated with a trip to Chicago Curry House for very delicious Nepalese meal.
nepalese dinner

me 1
me 2
sorry about the blurry photos!
me 3
me 4
I'm wearing a thrifted faux fur vest and Tucker by Target dress.
Sam Edelman
shoes by Sam Edelman


On Sale

I was lucky enough to find two really good sales yesterday.

I got black Steven Madden clogs for $20!

Steven Madden clogs

These clogs were everywhere for the spring/summer season (Chanel, Jeffrey Campbell, etc) but personally they seemed better suited for fall. I'm going to pair them with boyfriend and a slouchy tee or maybe a white summer dress and a scarf.

I also got a pint of my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Karamel Sutra, for $3 even though I had already purchased a red velvet cupcake, a piece of tiramisu and a custard & cherry strudel.

Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra

It has become even more apparent to me in the last few weeks how much food comforts me...I doubt that's a good thing but at least I've come to terms with it. Admitting it is the first step, right?

I also got my tripod + wireless remote control in the mail yesterday! Can't wait to take pictures without having to use the self-timer button or my dresser and a pile of books as a tripod.

Now, Labor Day weekend!