pardon me

but WHAT is up with this, Chicago??
The only thing that weather in the upper 90s + thunderstorms makes me want to do is turn up the AC to stay inside and watch episodes of Criminal Minds or reruns of Will & Grace. It is therefore nearly impossible for me to put on the pants I've been working on and take pictures as I only like to go outside to take my pictures (better lighting!). So the only thing I have to leave you with today is a picture of my new shoes.
Alexander Wang inspired booties
They are Alexander Wang inspired boots I got a few weeks ago from AKIRA. I decided to go with the olive ones rather than the black ones. This leather is quite shiny which made the all black ones look a little stripper-ella...


  1. love them; i think i may even like them better than the real thing...


  2. wow, love your shoes!


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