May in review

Before I begin, excuse my lack of posting for the month of May. Due to an odd and unfortunate series of events that included finals, having as much fun as I could before starting work, actually starting work (goddamn my Monday-Friday, 9-5, stuck-in-an-office-job), getting sick, still being sick, and just being lazy/the procrastinator that I am, blogging just stayed in the back of my mind.

May in review:

I fell in love and developed an unhealthy obsession with dark chocolate covered goji berries. MMMMMMMMM! Other people actually have to stop me because I will consume a whole package in one sitting...
dark chocolate covered goji berries

I tried friend green tomatoes (new favorite summer food) for the first time at a really awesome bar/restaurant in Bucktown called The Southern.
fried green tomatoes
I also had some amazing crab cakes and my first Blonde Bombshell.
crab cakes
This bring my total number of beers I have tried to date to a whopping: 5.
blonde bombshell

A few of us went to the beach and got very tan but mostly burnt.
girls at the beach

KT enjoyed some seasonal fresh fruit (strawberries & pineapple).
kt enjoying fruit
seasonal fresh fruit

I sported some new red in my hair. Thoughts? I am contemplating going back to my natural boring brown color...
new hair

Babes graduated 8th grade and, therefore, is going to be in high school next year. WEIRD!
babes' 8th grade graduation

Several of us contemplated the irony of life. (Hehehe)

And paid homage to LiLo.
LiLo wannabe

I watched others do a shotski...
shotski I
...and still decided to do it.
shotski II
shotski III

We sampled some birthday cupcakes.
squashed birthday cupcakes
Bacon maple, red velvet, black and white, and a white russian; all slightly smashed, but still yummy.

And Milo's hind legs did some crazy bendy thing
and I met Kristy's new kitty, Marley!

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  1. nice post and cute hair! yes there still is a giveaway! I am reposting as soon as I edit another post. sorry about that!