Camden Market

England was, as always, amazing. I was so glad that I managed to fit in a bunch of things I didn't get a chance to do during my prior trips including spending some time at Camden Market. Camden Market is an absolutely huge outdoor shopping market with endless numbers of adjoining stalls that have everything from music to jewelry to shoes to clothes and tons of amazing food. Their vintage selection is amazing, I got the most incredible lace dress.

I completely regret not getting a gold pocket watch
pocket watches

or a fedora


okay so it's not wannabe Miu Miu but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this print
wannabe miumiu

jewelry stand

I was really close to getting one of these wine-bottle-candles. The look awesome when they're almost half-way melted.
wine bottle candles

groovy wall art

so much food to choose from!

mexican food


If I could I would have bought everything in this story. I wish my closet looked like this. Everything was so beautiful. All dresses and tons of lace AKA my dream come true.
my dream come true


I named this guy Albert. He is cousins with the lil guy who ate all my frushi.

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